The Capaul Funeral Home was originally opened by Clifford Capaul in 1936 in the former Andrew Kurtz home at 2869 Lewis Ave in Ida. In May of 1938 he moved the business to the former Simeon Van Akin home at 2932 Lewis Ave, also in Ida. Norman Capaul, a graduate of the Training School for Embalmers in Columbus, Ohio, as was Clifford, took over the business in 1944 when Clifford died in an auto accident while he was traveling home from a rationing board meeting. Norman purchased the business from Clifford's wife and relocated to its present location which was the grand home of three Ida Area doctors. Norman ran the firm alone until 1955 when William earned his degree in mortuary science from Wayne State University. He worked briefly with his father until entering the service. After a stint in the Army, he rejoined the business in 1959. He continued to operate the business after Norman's retirement in 1976. William's son, David, joined in the operation of the business upon his graduation from Mortuary School at Wayne State University in 1986 and took over management of the business upon William's death in 1990. On February 17, 2014, David's son Benjamin D. Capaul  joined the professional staff. Benjamin is a  graduate of Wayne State University and is the 3rd generation to graduate from the School of Mortuary Science at Wayne State University.